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Hey! Some friends and I have just returned from yet another trip across the pond, and boy, do we have stories to tell! Well, unfortunately I'm not allowed to tell most of them, but those that I am allowed to tell will be posted, along with pictures, soon. To see the stuff "in progress" as I post it (check back often), click the picture of Bill, above.

Eek! It's been more a long time since I last updated my pages! A ton has happened, but I haven't got time to go into it all right now. Those of you who know me are probably looking for info on my new house, so here it is! (this has not been updated since the house was finished and I moved in - more later when I have time)

You may also just be looking for a picture of me. You can find that here

If you're looking for my previous post regarding the events of September 11th, 2001, you can find that here

Welcome! I give up on trying to keep this up to date - some of this information may no longer be true. I'll try to date items as they go up, so you know what's new. In the meantime, it might interest you to know that I am 30, and am the Director of Software Development for LandWare, Inc - I develop software for handheld computers for a living. Like most guys, I'm an electronic toy freak, and I end up spending most of my money on AV equipment and computer toys. My latest toys are all in my new dedicated home theater. More details on this as I have time, but I've got a fabulous Runco HDTV projector, a Marantz pre/pro, and Linn amplification/speakers.

NOW PLAYING :The Euro '99 Travelogue

The most EAGERLY AWAITED sequel since "Look Who's Talking 4 - the Teenage Years"

The follow-on to the as-yet unfinished travelogue opus "Quarter Pounders From Heaven, or, Will Hike for Food", which has been viewed by at least seven people since it's posting last year...

..the thought-provoking illustrated and illuminated account of three Americans' two week odyssey across Western Europe...

EURO 99 - Europe Through the Smashed Cellar Window
How to "do Europe" on just $300 a day
We came, we saw, and we think we (hic) remember some of it
Beer and Sausages (and More Beer) - the Oktoberfest diet

Should you choose to follow us on our journey, you'll hear sights and see stories the likes of which you'll wish never to see again. You'll marvel at the lengths to which a desperate narrator will go to wring the merest dribs of humor from the driest of circumstances. You'll search in vain for meaning amid the overwrought and pretentious prose. You'll witness the wanton butchery of the King's English, and squirm in your seat as you see it tortured into expressing what no self-respecting language should be expected to express. You'll see metaphors lashed onto the rack and stretched WAY beyond their breaking point.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish you didn't speak English...

...and like eyes are drawn to a nasty car accident, your eyes will be drawn here...

when the journey begins anew... Watch this space for

NEWEuro 99 EPISODE I - Real Men Don't Fly Coach (posted 10/4/99 - visitors)

Euro 99 EPISODE II - My, That's an Eiffel-ly Tall Tower You Have There (Coming sometime the week of 10/3/99- visitors).

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